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exploring ideas and what-if questions

on haptic human website, I'll be exploring the human touch in handmade objects, using the idea (feeling? what-if question?) that there's a transfer of atoms when objects are made, and when they are hand-made I think the *human* atoms get blended (even in a slight way) with the object's atoms, and it makes us relate to them more - we 'feel' the humanity, or the soul perhaps (our common atoms/frequencies). this will allow me to research across different topics and disciplines, and to apply "what-if" questions to try answer and explore.

this idea is based on my reply to a discussion on haptics on my textiles class forum, and some earlier thoughts about analog audio vs digital audio recordings (see below & attached)

note that there'll mostly be rough notes/stream of consciousness ideas here for a bit of fun, so nothing really to see here - move along

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