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kites for independance day

kites for independance day, originally uploaded by AliaK.

traditionally the children fly kites leading up to independance day (15/08) but I've been seeing them in Delhi since April. nice to watch in the afternoons if you're out and about. the kids get up on the roof of their apartment block and fly small hanky sized kites whilst dodging the power lines. I haven't been able to get a good shot but this one will remind me of them in the meantime.

penton mewsey

the kids at penton mewsey, cow common and a train trip to salisbury. july 2006

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saket sunday building site

when I first arrived at work here in Delhi the building we are working in was still pretty much a building site. ruubble everywhere. toilets not working except for one communal toilet in the other older building about 10 minutes walk away. workmen everywhere. people staring at us all the time. later we moved to a new hotel and the room I was given is next to another building site - this time a new corporate building next to the hotel. similar to the work site, the workpeople live onsite. I took some photos of the lazy sunday afternoon in saket whilst looking out the window at the building site, so here's the video / slideshow. the music is 'mad world' (from donny darko movie) - I thought it matched the mood I was in whilst watching out the window ...

also posted at if the video doesn't work below

saket building site on a sunday afternoon

new delhi, india 06/08/2006

gps data exports

attached is an export of gps data - will add google earth exports soon

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huts along on the road to Agra

DSC01918, originally uploaded by AliaK.

drive from Delhi to Agra, July 16, 2006. these huts and other mud walled huts are scattered along the road on farmlands on the road to Agra. I'm not sure if they're houses/shelters, grain storage or animal houses??

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taj mahal

100_4911.JPG, originally uploaded by AliaK.

it really is clean and white. my cameras had trouble taking photos as the sky was almost the same colour. the optical illusions are interesting - the width of the columns.

other photos @

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offerings to Ganesh and other Gods at Chattapur Mandir (Temple)

100_4878.JPG, originally uploaded by AliaK.

Chattapur Mandir (Temple), Delhi, 13/07/2006 - we had a blessing ceremony in front of Ganesh. we couldn't take photos inside the buildings but this is a postcard. the statues are finely carved, some seem to be made of silver or copper (not sure). we washed our hands, were given flowers as offerings to the statues, then poured water onto a centrepiece which had water flowing onto it, had spices and food (rice) offerings given to the centrepiece, then the red paste put on our forheads. we were given half coconuts and flowers.

more photos @

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WATM challenge 3 - hands

Watch the video

busy hands make light work

my challenge #3 video

assembled in isadora

music by surgeon

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