Over Here exhibition

I haven't made it to the "Over Here" exhibition as it's in Perth (and I'm not), but a classmate posted the online catalog - one to keep in mind for my materiality class exercises.

Over Here : NYISZTOR STUDIO (391 Canning Hwy, Melville, Perth)

Tracing Materiality exhibition

we went along to the Tracing Materiality exhibition on Sunday. the artists had been doing some continuous drawings on large rolls of paper, as well as wall drawings, and working with wax. I'm going to try make it to the talk on the 20th march too. I loved all the work! and there was a stack of drawing books for me to chase up also :)

2016-03-06 18.23.18

2016-03-06 18.23.32

2016-03-06 18.23.42

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