1 minute recording of Bahai Lotus Temple in Delhi, India

Watch the video Attached is a 1 minute recording of inside the Bahai Lotus Temple in Delhi, India taken on 30/04/2006. Sounds never cease in Delhi - the traffic and the people, so finding a quiet spot is like an oasis. This building has amazing acoustics - the sounds of coughs and whistles vibrates through the space. It was a really nice place to sit and relax on a really hot afternoon. I hope you enjoy it.I recorded it using a Sony MiniDisc and a cheap pc mic.

http://www.bahaindia.org/ has images/info about the temple

I've emailed this to the organiser of the Quiet American website - http://www.quietamerican.org/vacation.html - they have 1 minute recordings from people's holidays from around the world.

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