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2008 sights & sounds of istanbul

these are older clips of Istanbul - walking the streets of Balat - the older parts of the city. filmed in april 2008. I don't think these have been uploaded before. I loved hearing the sounds of the call to prayer as we walked through the alley ways. I have some other audio recordings of this but I need to find them (really need to sort things better here..)

this is made in isadora. I increased the size of the stage and the video saves to disk better now! quality wise that is. maybe I should go back and resave all my old videos. because I'm playing out multiple files to a single projector, they're not playing smoothly, but I was expecting this - it's a performance issue. but I'm happier with the video quality/resolution using a 640x480 stage. (previously I'd always used the default 320x240)

I had to rotate some of the clips 90 degrees as I'd turned the camera whilst filming - this is the main reason I hadn't uploaded/used them before. hadn't got round to rotating them! slack hey :)

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