24 things I've made... - 24 hour zine thing project zine

I've just finished my zine for the 24 hour zine thing project - we were supposed to make a 24 page zine from scratch in July in a single 24 hour period. since this was my first zine, I didn't quite fit in with the project rules - but I made the zine within 24 hours, though spread over the weekend. I typed it up on my new old Gabrielle 25 Adler typewriter - which took me ages! and gave my fingers a good workout. I went to Office Works today to do the photocopying and wasted a lot of money trying to get colour copies done - tip if you're new. do b&w copies for the test prints whilst testing the photocopier or you'll waste $$. the colour print worked on the first run but then lost the colours anyway, so I ended up doing 1 set in colour for the master copy and seven black & white copies for the actual zines. the zine is called "24 things I've made..." - not very original, but it was fairly easy to write up a list and a page on each thing. I think the zine's layout is a little plain and it's very self-indulgent in content - it's definitely "all about me"!!

download a scanned version of the zine (5.6Mb) - note the formatting is different in this scanned version to the printed copy. and the hand-made sheet of paper is not included/scanned.
also available at archive.org

photos of the paper versions :

and this is Gabrielle... when she was in the store just waiting for me to come along and get her working again

PDF icon 24things.pdf5.63 MB

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