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ok, these links aren't all strictly hip hop, but some of the galleries do show some graf, and if you're visiting NZ/Auckland, it's worth checking them out.

in the galleries, there's usually an "Artwalk K Road" brochure created by the K Road Business Association - this is where all these links & descriptions come from. (typos & errors below are mine)

K Road = Karangahape Road, I'll use the abbreviation to save more typos


Disrupt Gallery
level 1, 145 K Rd
Aotearoa's premiere urban art gallery

Verona Cafe
169 K Rd
started in 1992 Verona has become a K Road icon, with their excellent coffee, superb menu and extensive wine list making them a legendary cafe and bar

Misery, Illicit
200 & 202 K Rd

The Cross Street Orphanage
Basement, Illicit H.Q - 202 K Rd
the Cross Street Orphanage art gallery - established in 2005 to expose new artists in the genre of left-field lowbrow contemporary art. currently striking fear and intrigue into the heart of Auckland's art scene with underground art, under the ground on K Rd.

Canary Gallery
Arcade - 214 K Rd
Canary Gallery is an artist-run-space that was established in March 2004. we are a not-for-profit gallery and our program of exhibitions brings innovative and diverse art practices to the fore.

Hard to Find Books
(But worth the Effort)
238 K Rd
twenty years of rare, collectable and interesting books!

The Area
Basement La Gonda Arcade - 203 K Rd
Studio and offices of music producer, multi-media artist and culture manipulator Mike Weston. This year Mike's producing paintings in collaboration with Graffiti/Pop artist Otis Frizzell, supplying art dealers around NZ. next major show Nov 15, 2005

Habanero Cafe (licensed)
65 Pitt St
this European style cafe is a slice of tranquility in the bustle of Auckland. we serve Kiwi cuisine with a Spanish and Mexican flavour, made to order by our international chefs and accompanied by our hand crafted coffee.

(I need to go there to see what kiwi cuisine is!)

Level 1 - 300 K Rd
ARTSPACE presents cutting edge contemporary art practice from emerging and established New Zealand and international artists

(I've been to some of these - excellent. highly recommended!)

New Zealand Film Archive
Level 1 - 300 K Rd
the Auckland office of the NZFA has a video collection containing about 1200 items for public viewing, a moving image exhibition space, a reference library of books and magazines, two viewing stations and Viewfinder, a continuous moving image presentation at Auckland Central Library

Moving Image Centre and Galatos
17 Galatos St
the Moving Image Center (MIC) is a contemporary film, digital media, performance & music organisation located at Galatos Bar and Club. MIC supports innovative artist' work. for the upcoming programme please visit the website

(another recommended spot for great performances!)

Ivan Anthony
Level 1 ANZ Building - 312 K Rd
representing a number of leading contemporary New Zealand artists

Michael Lett
478 K Rd

Merge Cafe & Bar
453 K Rd
fantastic homemade food and cakes, great coffee, fully licensed. enjoy it all in our private outdoor courtyard

510 K Rd

Artstation toi tu
1 Ponsonby Rd
the Artstation Gallery is a professional space for artists to exhibit quality work which represents and engages the wider community

8 Ponsonby Rd
Objectspace is a new and award winning centre for craft and design that puts 'objects into play' through exhibitions, publications and activities

12 Crummer Rd
Whitespace artists represent the diversity and cultural richness of Aotearoa. we aim to nurture and work with artists to develop their careers over many years through a vigorous exhibition program and international exhibitions

68b Ponsonby Rd
Muka's main gallery exhibits contemporary New Zealand and international art: focusing on lithographs and monotypes but also exhibiting paintings, sculpture and jewellery. Muka's special youth gallery presents lithographs by leading artists exclusively to young people (5-18 years)

K Road Arts Manager
the K Road Business Association has appointed Nora West to: promote the unique cultural identity of the street, foster a broad range of arts activities and map it's local vernacular expressions i.e. tattoo, graf writing, nightscaping with light, fringe theatre. artists are featured each month in the office and online

VAANA Mural Restoration
Corner of K Rd and Ponsonby Rd
painted in 1985 by a group of artists concerned with the increasing threat of nuclear war, Visual Artists Against Nuclear Arms (VAANA). the murals were a significant tool in the establishment of NZ's nuclear-arms-free policy. twenty years on, this policy remains intact and the eight founding artists have become senior practitioners in the art establishment.

(I have photos of this at if you want to see)

Art Venues & Suppliers
Artscape : 14 Gundry St :
KJ Art : 501 K Rd
MAOTA Gallery : Samoa House - 283 K Rd :
The Canvas Company : 518 K Rd :
Revel Cafe : 146 K Rd


I'd also add a couple more for music/sound art and digital arts if those are of interest to you (great discussion mail lists on those topics also):

Audio Foundation -
Aoteaora Digital Arts (ADA) -

and even:
Creative NZ - Creative Communities NZ

I've been collecting similar theme links @ if you're interested (or search for New Zealand or use one of the categories on the site)