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Assignment: Share – Day Ten

I'm running out of ideas to share (for class - we've been sharing links, readings, videos, music for the past week+). my brain is shutting down with the heat and upcoming holidays. so here's a few links for Pandora - the world in the movie Avatar. I saw the movie last week in 3D and was amazed - I really want to go live on Pandora and explore the flora & fauna and colours.

I posted these on twitter yesterday, but here's a short 'doco' (promo) on flora 7 fauna @ (embedding disabled so you need to watch it at youtube) & they have a wiki @ - I think this is a good example of a fan site mixed with transmedia mixed with a computer game. it almost reminds me of a moo too as there's text descriptions of the plants/animals/characters. i was thinking of getting the game so I could explore but I don't have the modern consoles. I was wondering if they've built Pandora in second life - though I haven't been inworld in ages - this'd be the thing to get me in though. some of the dance parties I've been to over the years (mostly brisbane ones, some outdoor/psytrance parties) have had chill rooms with similar sets/props, with neon/black light decorations and themes either indoors or props hanging from the trees in the bush - so it reminded me of those too, where you get lost in the spaces whilst listening to the music.

I liked the movie for it's eco / sustainability ideas, the strong female characters, the shamen/medicine woman, the colours & imaginative plants & animals, the 3D (!), the new technology, the spirituality themes, symbiosis, the way the planet rose up against the invaders. I hope this film helps bring some of these ideas into the public sphere.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone! see you in 2010!

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