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film + video screenings

We'll be back on Monday 1 March 2004 with another series of screenings
of interesting and experimental screen works. Please note that there
will be no screening in February, however read on for upcoming film events.

Over the coming months we'll have a host of locally produced shorts
including black comedies from Anna Roberts and Michael Booth/Damon
Herriman and an impressionistic piece from Josh Wodak.

We are also planning some special programs this year. We're
compiling a selection of machinima films ( films made with a PC game
engine, such as Quake : see www.machinima.com ). If you've made one or
seen one that is interesting and inventive, please let us know. A night of
musical accompaniment for silent works will also feature.

As always we're very interested in your suggestions or submissions of
works for screening. We can be reached at:

Another opportunity for a fix of film comes on Sunday February 22 with
the annual SquatFest short film festival. In direct competition with
Tropfest both temporally and politically, the festival offers an
alternative screening opportunity for local and not-so-local artists,
activists and filmmakers. No budgets, signature items, quirky twists
or almost famous actors are required.

VHS, miniDV, super8, 16mm or computer-based works will be accepted.
The evening consists of an hour of selected works followed by an open
screen where films will be subject to audience veto. Please send
submissions to:
PO Box 391
Newtown NSW 2042
Enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope for returning your work.
For more details email squatspace@yahoo.com

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film + video screenings

First monday of every month at Lanfranchi's Memorial Discoteque.
Level 2. 144 Cleveland St. Chippendale. Free. 7:30 pm. Popcorn.

Monthly screenings with a simple goal of showing interesting and
experimental film and video works in an appropriate setting,
comfortable seating - 5.1audio - large scale projection free

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