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celestine prophesy bird energy flows

today I bought the Celestine Prophesy dvd. I'd read the book when it came out years ago. but on the way home I had one of the synchronicities it talks about. I filmed these birds, then once I got home watched the movie and remembered the 'energy flows' it talks about and the give & take of energy/power. the video of the birds was a good example of this - I saw the energy flows between these birds, though it was a feeling, I didn't see the energy clouds around/between them. there were 2 pieces of food on the ground - I couldn't see what it was, though it looked like a couple of twisties. the magpie was guarding both - not letting the little bird have any. I was standing about 5metres away on the footpath, and zoomed in the video (which is why the quality isn't the best - the n95 video is better if you don't zoom). after I stopped filming, the magpie looked towards me and the little bird skirted around behind him and ate the smaller twistie/piece of food. lucky him! so, either it was the shift in energies. or probably the magpie saw me move as my hands moved down after I finished filming. :)


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