"Child's Play" exhibition by Numskull @ blank_space gallery

Numskull is a one man street art band.

Dabbling in the arts of graffiti & stencils, this kid has a barrage of images that'll stun you in even the darkest of alleys.

Child's Play bears witness to these images coming to life. Clothing, badges, art and sculpture will be on display at blank_space gallery, Thursday 9th February - Wednesday 15th February 06.

read more or visit http://www.blankspace.com.au for details

blank_ space is an independent gallery that showcases contemporary art, industrial design and nurtures progress and innovation in the arts.

situated in surry hills, the gallery is conveniently located on crown street in the heart of sydney's design district.

blank_ space offers high exposure as a street level space, the gallery is fully equipped and can handle all types of exhibitions and events from one night performance to multi-week, group shows and prototype launches.

with a high tek fit out blank_ space is ready for artists / designers & firms to use as the quintessential space in the delivery of their ideas.

blank_space is interested in supporting national and international established and emerging artists, curators, designers, performers, firms and organisations

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