Cinewest flEXiff - calls for submissions for image makers & multimedia artists

flEXiff is a global community cultural development and screen culture
initiative by CINEWEST, which expands across 2 decades. flEXiff accepts
entries during 2002 - 2022, whilst the organizers attempt to secure various
funding, awards, sponsorships and venues for screenings within the next 20
years. The final selection for each edition may vary in numbers and time
frames, as organizers reserve the right to experiment with form and content
of the festival at all times.

flEXiff invites image makers and multimedia artists who are willing to;
-Disperse their work universally and eternally.
-Challenge the already existing alternative model structures that are merely
a verisimilitude for the mainstream industry.
-Deconstruct the commercial values projected for particular art works by
particular producers, promoters and distributors.

flEXiff requires no entry fee or restriction in format (film [35mm
only]-video-digital) or duration, except the works must experiment with form
and content equally. Entries will be notified about the final selection
once the preparation for the first and maybe the last experimental
international film festival is complete! Meanwhile, the festival will
create an archive of submitted works to be utilized for educational,
distribution and promotional purposes, as well as organizing traveling and
exchange programs. The Second and The Last International Experimental Film
Festival will be announced after The First Edition (September 27-28, 2003).

flEXiff 2003 will be screening at Reading Cinemas and Parramatta Riverside
Theatres as the launch for CINEWEST 'Cinematheque' program and broadcasting
on Community Television Sydney C31.

You must submit the following:

- A still photograph of the film

- A synopsis (max 20 words)

- Date of Birth of director(s)

- A VHS/DVD Preview tape

This information will appear in the catalogue or any related publicity.

Screening formats will be returned to their rightful owners before November
30, 2003. The festival reserves the right to keep the preview tapes for
educational, archival and promotional purposes.

flEXiff has already received works from
Australia, Finland, France, Germany, India,
Iran, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Spain and USA.
Closing Date for Entries: July 31, 2003


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