dakou trash 'n' treasure

in China, dakou (to make a hole) + surplus from the West led to experimental music & art exposure @ http://bit.ly/8ZWnb1 ... "One could find collected works of Andy Warhol or Stan Brakhage or Leni Riefenstahl next to Disney or James Bond" ... "probably an average Chinese person saw more experimental, cutting edge cinema then most well educated people in the West."

notes from:
The Sound of the Underground
An Overview of Experimental and Non-Academic Music in China
by Zbigniew Karkowski & Yan Jun

Dickson Dee -> label Sound Factory -> NoiseAsia

Wang Fan -> created arguably China’s first real experimental music work: a mysterious 40-ininute lo-fi piece

Sound artist, curator and critic Yan Jun -> Subjam label in Beijing
Taiwanese composer and contemporary music theoretician Dajuin Yao -> Post-Concrete label
Wang Changcun, Zhong Minje, Zhou Pei (Ronez), Zhang Anding (Zafka) -> sound artists
FM3 -> Buddha Machine release (Beijing)

Sounding Beijing festival
Li Jianhong – composer, improviser, guitarist and founder of 2Pi records label -> 2Pi festival in Hangzhou

labels : KwanYin Records, 2PI Records, NoiseAsia, Doufu Records, Shasha Records, Little Sound, Lonar Records, Shanshui Records
Sugar Jar -> distributers

artists : Torturing Nurse (Shanghai), Lin Zhiying, Zenlu, Bai Tian aka Bai+ian
Zhou Pei (Ronez) -> Doufu Records label (Guilin)
Global Noise Online -> Chinese experimental music website -> run by Lawrence Lee (Beijing)
Yan Jun -> Kwanyin Records label & weekly Waterland Kwanyin (Beijing) event + annual MiniMidi festival

Dickson Dee -> Mooka Space
Little Bar (Chengdu)
2Pi festival (Hangzhou) & record label
Junky of Shasha records/NOIShanghai (Shanghai)
online noise community (Harbin)
artists -> Ronez(Guilin) & Zenlu Shenzhen)

many of these artists are also mentioned or contributers to the "Sound and the City" book / project by the British Council in 2005-2006 - I found this book at Book City - the only one that I came across that was half english & half chinese characters. ironic also as I was doing a sound walk, recording audio at the time. I've been reading it whilst here - very inspiring

this article appears online in a few places, with slightly different versions / edits:

China's first electronic music festival "Intro" in 2009 article - pdf direct download link


The Sound of the Underground, Experimental and Non-Academic Musics in China
(En) (2007) (Zbigniew Karkowski & Yan Jun)


A short history of electroacoustic music in china
(originally issued on World New Music Magazine, published by the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM))


A Short Tour of Three Major Contemporary Art Exhibitions in China:
Part 1: Third Guangzhou Triennial
By Claire Louise Staunton


compiled a list of other links here too though it's getting rather long & a tad unreadable for most..

I came across these articles whilst searching for Zafka's (ZHANG Anding)'s article called "Inaudible Cities". I've asked him on twitter, so maybe there's an online version somewhere or a link to a book that it's published in?

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