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dim sum

I tried out the dim sum at the Cafe Zen restaurant in the hotel today. very tasty. I think it's the best dim sum I've ever had. they didn't have little carts though - it was a dim sum buffet. there was a clown entertaining the children. I made a field recording and tried out audio mulch tonight and processed it a bit. first attempt! it's called Shenzhen dim sum clown. I don't really know what I'm doing yet. it's patching software - similar to max/msp - though it seems easier upon this first attempt. here's the audio - it's ~ 5 minutes ~11.75Mb mp3 (320kbs). I added some delays & effects to warp the voices. I like the click click sounds that appeared. will have to try some more. I've been using my binaural mics here but I forgot to bring the adapter for line-in recordings, so have been using mic input on my minidisc which is not good for the low level / bassy sounds of the city with all it's traffic noise and sounds of construction. I emailed Rolf @ soundman and he was nice enough to reply & confirmed I'll need the adapter, so I'll try this once I return home. the recording below was made on my Nokia N95 cameraphone (camera - I cancelled the phone sim a few weeks back, so it's a camera / note taker now). audio mulch file attached though you'd need the source file (20100912_dimsum_lunch-Soundclip227.wav) to repeat it I think? I'll upload that somewhere when I have access to more sites. can only use a couple of upload sites from China

Shenzhen dim sum clown by AliaK

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