e-Tech 2004 conference - notes from Tim O'Reilly's killer apps recording

O'Reilly killer apps mentioned in the audio recording of e-Tech 2004 from archive.org

social software - harnessing the power of use contributions & user participation:

successful platforms using social software:
- the comparison of amazon.com vs barnesandnoble.com -> amazon.com sell more o'reilly books than barnes & noble

mapping systems:
- mapping data applications; geo-annotations; geo url; geo tagging photographs
- "figuring out how does the real and the virtual penetrate"
- microsoft map point; aol mapquest; yahoo are the three main mapping systems at the moment

software used to mobilise people:
- moveon.org
- largest advocacy organisation in the world
- pointing millions of people at a shared project
- similar to the Dean project (using drupal!)

word spy - new terms; snapshot of the changes in language and culture; http://wordspy.com/

mobile devices
- pdas, mobile phones
- itunes


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