eLefant Traks music label

Elefant Traks is an independent record label based in Sydney Australia that covers various genres of musical tastes revolving around hip hop and electronic production. Our goal is to showcase Australian talent to a greater audience. The label has had over 16 releases over the last five or so years and growing bigger each year.

Our newest releases include the debut album from Herd vocalist/MC Urthboy called Distant Sense of Random Menace. A blistering monster with collaborations with TZU's Count Bounce and Hermitude's Elgusto amongst others. The first release for 2005 was from Pasobionic, beat maker and DJ from TZU and Curse Ov Dialect called Empty Beats for Lonely Rappers. It's a sleepily beautiful stream of instrumental hip hop. The second is Combat Wombat and their punk-hop dubby album Unsound System. In April the first album from gypsy-dub maestro Unkle Ho will be unleashed.

read their full bio @ http://www.elefanttraks.com/

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