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endoPHONIC home of cactusman/greg jenkins & richard wilding - sonic texture and spatiality manipulators

endoPHONIC - music for your inner ear

An electronic/acoustic/organic fusion with influences running the
gamut from ambient to bleeding edge classical music, endoPHONIC
present a live mixture of pre-digested and improvised material
that ensures each performance is a distinctive event. With
elements including home-made MIDI controllers, electronic
transformations of acoustic sound sources and real-time software
synthesis the emphasis in each performance is on the exploration
of sonic textures and wefts. The result is a swirling morass of
haunting sonorities and addictive beats.

endoPHONIC is greg jenkins and richard wilding. Both are graduates
of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and have together worked
on various film soundtracks and as part of the composer's
collective Trojan Theatre. For this performance on PULSE radio,
endoPHONIC will be joined by classical cellist jane elliott.
They will fuse the beautiful resonances of jane's bowing with
their distinctive electronica producing a singular, integrated

greg likes to hit things; things such as suspended arrays of
inverted flower pots; things such as beer kegs; things such as
midi percussion controllers which allow him to subversively remap
non-percussive sound objects to percussive performance gestures.
He's also into homemade technology, constructing various
midi-controllers that in performances he uses to control software
synthesis engines, allowing him to perform directly on the software
in real time. At endoPHONIC gigs he's the one prodding, kneading
and caressing the rubber coated surface. greg is also known as
"cactusman" due to his penchant for playing a cactus as an amplified
acoustic instrument.

Richard likes to blend disparate elements with a wild eclecticism
that doesn't respect boundaries of genre, style or taste. He has
worked variously as a literary theorist and new music critic, as
the person who presses the big red button on photocopiers and as
a forensic recording analyst. As part of endoPHONIC he works with
computer-based synthesis and composition while concentrating on
torturing his guitar with an e-bow and a variety of medieval effects
devices - usually as an accompaniment to succulent fondlers. Musical
influences include Brian Eno, Michael Brook, Olivier Messiaen and
traditional Asian musics though really he wastes most of his time
watching Japanese anime.


endoPHONIC was featured on briz:b:e:a:t:s internet radio 28/01/2001


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