filtering colours

it looks like my next work project is in Delhi, India so I've been reading more of the sarai website contributions. the Cybermohalla scratchbook is quite interesting - a collection of writings, thoughts, images and texts from the members contributing at the Compughar. many of the people are from the villages and settlements. it's interesting to read their thoughts and observations of the spaces they live in.

one entry, caught my attention:

This, here, is a man whose writings we find
engaging. His name is William Burroughs.
He writes, "The important fact about urban
living: the continual stream of second
attention awareness. Every license plate,
street sign, passing strangers, are saying
something to you".

Burroughs suggests walking on colours.
Pick a colour, edit out the rest and see
what associations come up. A yellow
jeep on 40th and Central Park West
transports his mind from New York to
Mexico, then to a gun-toting episode in
the life of a friend, then to old gangland
wars in Chinatown, and thence onto a
piece of writing by a gifted student.
"When you take these walks you are literally
travelling in time association
lines". You are reorganising space.

it's a nice idea. just thinking about the colours in this room where I've been living for the last eight months or so. some colours are very familiar as they belong to objects I brought with me - the red plastic Freedom cup, red right rca adapters, red plastic knitting needles cover I bought whilst here and on a knitting frenzy. yellow neon lights from the CityLife building across the city - the closest highrise adjacent to my loungeroom window. yellow(ish) wooden frames holding the photos of friends and family. most of the room is a beige-lichen green colour - the curtains, paint on the wall, chairs and chair pillows, carpet. brown for the couch and table near the door. black for the coffee table turned computer table, tv, STB and entertainment cupboard and the night sky out the window. silver for skytower (which turns 10 next week), my cameras and cds/dvds lying around. I'll try notice the colours more when I walk around the city and drive to work tomorrow. though I think the cybermohalla participants colour spotting is more interesting as they're watching the movement of the colours throughout the city life.