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FireAnt is your personal connection to the online media universe!
Get FireAnt FireAnt delivers a rich media experience through a simple to use, unified viewer that lets you watch all types of content without having to worry about which format it is (Quicktime, Windows Media, Real, Flash, MP3, and more).

Got a portable video player?
FireAnt connects your favorite media to a wide variety of portable video players (Sony PSP, Apple iPod, Creative Zen Vision and more!) which gives you the power and flexibility to get media content right onto your portable devices! FireAnt also supports HTTP, Streaming, and BitTorrent downloads, bringing you an easy and efficient way of getting what you want when you want it.
Fresh media delivered to your desktop!
FireAnt harnesses the power of RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication. When you subscribe to any RSS Channel, FireAnt will automagically bring you the freshest media for you to watch and listen to.
How do I find something i'm interested in watching?
Check out the Brand New FireAnt Directory which lists thousands of available RSS Video Channels. If you publish your own RSS Video Channel, we'll help you get listed and discovered. Add your channel to the FireAnt Directory.

FireAnt also includes video search from Yahoo! so you can find what you're looking for.
FireAnt was created by the pioneers of Videoblogging
We are actively involved in the Videoblogging community (What is a Videoblog?) and founded a thriving Mailing List dedicated to to spreading the word and educating people about personal video creation and Videoblogs. We encourage you to get involved and Be The Media.
We look forward to your feedback
We are always open and responsive to feedback and suggestions. This is how we make FireAnt better.
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