[germany] n o c o n c e p t - festival garage stralsund

Nice to see Alex Davies featured at the festival!

N o C o n c e p t -- A State of Being

Pocket-earthquakes and underwater-phenomena, muezzin singing from church
steeple, a brass orchestra at half speed, digestion sounds out of Polish
synthesizers, building instructions for home security cameras, heavy bass
concerts by low-riders, swaying pillars of bridges, mobile phones that cause
entire walls to vibrate, cooking as a means of self-defence... not enough?
Do you sometimes feel an inexplicable bothersome vibration in the stomach
area? Have you ever asked yourself why an apple sounds better than a peach?
Are you sure that no one is interested in your deleted data? Have you always
wondered what the insides of a computer corps look like? Can you imagine
what happens when a rowdy Finn meets an Icelander with an unlimited
tolerance to alcohol? Have you suffered from persecution mania? Nothing puts
you off? Are you sure?

Trial and error as a strategy of the future? Insecurity as creative force?
Change as generating mechanism?

The 7th annual garage festival, which will take place from the 25th of July
until the 16th of August, seeks to explore the methods and points of view of
the creative process by looking at the principles and manifestations
of insecurity and disorientation. The festival presents exhibitions,
installations, concerts/ performances, lectures, films and workshops
over the course of three weeks.


- Mark Bain: Trembling Structures (NL)
- Alex Davies: Heterodyne - multi-channel sound installation (AUS)
- Christian Engler: Sonic Maze - sound labyrinth (D)
- X.v.Wersch/D.Krooshof/T.Scheele: Fruit Power - juicy sound installation
(NL) (tbc)
- Robot Software/Paul Webb: Garbage In/Garbage Out - data trash installation
- Hans Lotz/Alexander D

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