gnosis now

I'm doing the Gnosis Now! online class at Maybe Logic Academy. once again Erik Davis has designed an interesting class and collection of readings and discussion topics for us - ranging from the Nag Hammadi scrolls - Gospel of Thomas & Gospel of Philip and academic analysis of these works, to modern authors such as Franz Kafka, William Burroughs and Philip K Dick.

what I find when I start reading about these things, is that the co-incidences become more obvious and fall into place easier. today I was reading a new zines ning site and came across the online version of Ben Platts-Mills' Two Heads zine. in his Sunday 28th December 2008 entry, he talks about Premembering & remembering the future, and light - the story of light..

which reminds me - evolver academy has some new courses coming up, including the "Transhumanism, Singularities, and Other Far Out Futures" with R.U.Sirius. I'm going to take this class - tempted to do the others there too. these classes are by the Reality Sandwich site writers - they seem to be connected to MLA and Growing Edge too.

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