the human mind - get smart documentary

I'm watching a BBC Prime documentary called "The Human Mind : Get Smart". there's been a few interesting points raised :

1. omega 3 to improve your mind, memory and concentration. they did some tests on school kids having problems learning, and the kids improved their concentration and school marks after taking omega 3 tablets. apparently it helps set up connections within the brain. a type of real 'smart drug'?

2. visualisation - visualising a task repeatedly prior to performing it physically. sports people use this technique when learning new moves, skills. the example was a gymnast learning a new move on the parallel bars

3. associating visual images with a walk around a city, or through your house to help improve your memory. eg remembering cards in a deck of cards. the man walked the same path around London and took note of different landmarks. then for each card he has allocated an icon / picture, eg a cat, or a saw or a hose etc. then as the cards come out of the deck, he matches the icon / picture with the landmark in the order he saw them as he walked. after practicing this, he trained his mind to remember the cards quickly.

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