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i m p e r m a n e n t . a u d i o + c o m p o s e d

i m p e r m a n e n t . a u d i o
+ c o m p o s e d

# a bonus night to make up for being in brisbane

7.30pm sunday 17 august

featuring compositions by

toshimaru nakmura (jp)
taku sugimoto (jp)
adam sussmann

musicians include
oren ambarchi, peter blamey, matthew earle
adam sussmann, chris hancock

5 & 7 dollars

the frequency lab, 107 hibernian house
342 elizabeth street
cnr. kippax, opp central station starts a new irregular series
of composed performances. the works will be
performed by local musicians and this month will
feature compositions that frame improvisations.

the idea for these events comes from taku sugimoto
and is another link in the
chain. sometime ago i wrote:

Off-Site Composed Series, Vol4, 7 May 2001, is an
even quieter affair than the usual evenings at
Off-Site. The musicians play composed work that
has often been made for the night. The work is
performed by Taku Sugimoto, Tetuzi Akiyama and
Toshimaru Nakamura's guitar trio, an all acoustic
affair presenting Echo (Mari Furuta), Air for the
E-string (taku Sugimoto) and Isoide (Brett Larner).
The performance lasts about 20 minutes and is so
quiet that I begin to listen to a high pitched tone
that is either coming from one of the speakers that
form part of an exhibition in the gallery or from
somewhere outside. later I asked Toshi if he noticed
it, he said it was coming from work being done on the
nearby railway line but he did not know what could
have been making it.
Much later a recording of this event was released.
The sound cannot be heard.


I . A U D I O

mini festival of listening

Sydney - Performance Space, 12-13 September
Exhibition 11-20 September
Melbourne - Footscray Community Centre
17-18 September

taku sugimoto (japan), ami yoshida (japan)
jim denley, oren ambarchi, philip samartzis
robbie avenaim, martin ng, arek gulbenkoglu
will guthrie, anthony pateras, adam sussmann
robin fox, natasha anderson, david brown
joel stern, scott horscroft, peter blamey
matthew earle, sean baxter, brendan walls



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