Iczer One Biography

Iczer One Biography

Iczer One

With the concept of cross pollination and diversification becoming more and more important to sustaining any form of innovation, it seems almost unnatural not to see the notion of a 'band' more in terms of a collection of collaborators, than a simple group of four or so set musicians.

This theory is what lies behind Iczer One. The idea of utilising collaboration to create new sounds and variations. In essence it all comes down to the adage that 'two heads are better than one'.

Iczer One is a mesh of artists, a constantly rotating wheel of various collaborators and musicians. Acting as a centre point, a link between all the various members, is Lawrence English. Laying down the basic formats and sounds for the project, he then farms these tracks out to other members for their treatments.

Combining the free form elements of Jazz, the beats of hip-hop and the production style of contemporary electronica, Iczer One are forging a sound that is based on the notion of innovation through combination.

Playing selected shows throughout 1999, Iczer One have performed with the likes of DJ Spooky (the USA's godfather of the Illbient sound) and numerous Australian artists.

Currently Izcer One's core member Lawrence English is working with various other members, namely Dave Atkins and Kraig Wilson, on new material to be released on the collective's debut record due mid 2000. The CD/Vinyl will be available on HorrorShow Records.

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