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k-film beach flying

my first k-film. I've been wanting to try this for close to a year or more, ever since Adrian Miles pointed them out on the artists in the cloud list. built using Korsakow. I was running an old version of mac o/s so I couldn't use the software. upgraded on sunday night & now it works. I've got a couple of orphan branches and I didn't clean up the clips or audio, so it's far from perfect, but gives me the idea on how to do it. this is just a simple one using flying / water / blue / waves / waveriding / patterns type keywords

these korsakow k-films really are quite wonderful. it links the videos on words (in & out). so u can have a language story underlying the film. there's many words / things I cannot say - either for not having the words or not being able to speak them. but I can think them when filming. then link them up later. story within the story. hopefully the mood / theme comes across. so many ideas to try.

this test film is using steps involved in the How to SNUify (first) tutorial. I'm sure there's plenty more things yet to try. it was very easy to make. just add all the clips, then add input & output words to create the 'links' between the videos.

if you play it, maybe turn down your volume as I didn't remove the audio so it's natural sound with lots of wind & plane/flying distortion. I might try a music soundscape next - replace the audio on the video clips and then link them - it would sound different each time, depending on the order you / the viewer (listener) played the films back

note: the default embed code seems incorrect : the url seems incorrect - it should be .html not .htm & the .js file shouldn't have the index.html before it, so change these and it should embed ok on other sites. doesn't seem to be displaying, so use the link above. will look at it later after some sleep

like isadora, the beach-flying-korsakow.krw file is tiny

Binary Data beach-flying-korsakow.krw45.6 KB

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