the knitted stitch

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this is what I like best about knitting - besides getting to create / make something with my hands & have time to think whilst hands are kept busy. it's an alternative to the rubik's cube ;)

so perhaps, rather, what I like best about the knitted stitch - stretching the finished piece and watching the different shapes made by the knitted weaves and holes.

not a very clear video as I was trying to hold the camera at same time as stretch the video. so just an example

this sort of reminds me of Buckminster Fuller's examples of weaving too - the 'square' / 2 way (90 degree) weave which is easy to break / split, and the 'triangular' / 3 way (60 degrees) weave used by pacific islanders which is much stronger.

in "critical paths" (page 14, diagram) mentions 'two-way weaves are spreadable, ergo distortable, ergo unstable'

3 way weave (triangle) - strip X (horizontal strip) cannot be spread above A points (upper, left hand side) nor lowered below B points (lower, right hand side) - ergo, three-way weaves are unspreadable, therefore provide stable pattern and stable structure.'

-- and of course he later went on to build the geodesic domes, based on triangles

also, his Dymaxion Map - for sharing energy / power / electricity around the world - a global power supply rather than in each city / state / local area. I see the triangles here too - triangles around the land masses

I just read another article - "Other worlds, real and imagined" with James Cascio (from in R.U. Sirius' book "True Mutations - interviews on the edge of science, technology + consciousness" and it mentions "leapfrogging" and using some renewable energies in a global manner eg wind, wave power etc - to generate power for different areas of the planet rather than just in smaller city/country based fueled sites. this reminded me of Fuller's "Dymaxion Map". I hope we do eventually take on his idea!

diclonius on Rushkoff's forums posted a link to the "Conversations with Bucky" site - which links 42 hours of Bucky's "Everything I Know" sessions recorded in Philly in 1975. amazing collection!!

some of the finished knitted triangles .. so far

ravelry stash - Noro yarn used for blue/aqua triangles above

@garton mentioned on flickr comment - that they looked like "the 'audio' fabric shipped with the last edition of ANAT's Filter mag..."

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