knitting articles - revolutionary knitting & riot grrrl knitters taking back craft & diy

I've been reading & flipping through some of the knitting books on google books. apparently they're going to start offering free downloads for public domain books soon, using the EPUB format (not pdf). not many of the knitting books seem to be in the public domain yet though but I will keep looking.

Constituent imagination: militant investigations//collective theorization - by Stevphen Shukaitis, David Graeber, Erika Biddle, AK Press
page 209 - Knitting and Global Justice Activism is a great chapter on some of the "revolutionary knitting" groups and their ideas: knitting used to 'slow down' in this modern world, diy textile production, knitting as a binary code (K & P) - like learning a programming language (mathematical knitting), plus more...

Knitting for Good!: A Guide to Creating Personal, Social, & Political Change - by Betsy Greer - has a nice intro on how the Riot Grrrl movement helped women take back diy/craft (part of third wave feminism). and how women now have the choice to craft as well as work - it's no longer just your "grandmother's domain" and is not the only option for women any more. knitting as meditation. lots of other ideas - these are some of the things I've thought about knitting & craft too. just being able to make things is a great thing

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