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starting a list of knit for charity sites & links - I wrote up a short piece about knitting for charity for "Winter Zine" after reading their call for submissions, so adding to it here to keep track of the links

(zine submission - I still think I tend to write in 'promotional' style even though I don't mean to, so not sure if they'll use it..)

Knitting for Charity to keep yourself warm (... in person and in spirit)

The best thing about winter is that it's too cold and rainy to go out often at night, so I tend to stay in and catch up on my knitted UFOs - unfinished objects. I pull out yarn and patterns and needles and sit on the couch under a warm blanket, with the heater on, and watching TV or a movie or listening to music. So far this winter I've finished a knitted cushion cover which was started towards the end of summer, and have almost finished a knitted pillow toy for my cousin's son.

Apart from my own projects/knitted gifts, there's also a few charity knitting projects that need help and winter knitting is a perfect time to work on these projects too. Here's a few examples : (American site) - lots of projects and links for knitters of all skill level - the Knitters guild of NSW knits for Mission Australia & also items for Premmie babies to wear whilst in hospital - Interweave Magazine page listing US & International charity projects who accept knitted items - Knit 4 Charities is an Australian knitters group & mail list who knit for various charity organisations. They publish an ebook called "The Gift of Giving" - it costs $5 but includes patterns + a list of places you can send your knitted items to. my copy arrived today - it's cool, has lots of ideas - Arts and Crafts NSW organises the "Wrap With Love" project each year - people can make squares, finished wraps. They have patterns and instructions on the
website for new knitters. - ABC Knit In 2009 - this is held annually and is tied to the "Wrap with Love" project mentioned previously - The Sydney Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef is a crotchet project where you can crotchet part of the Great Barrier Reef - they suggest using plastic bags instead of yarn too!

Past projects have been knitted Penguin jackets for penguins caught in oil slicks, & knitted blankets for Victorian Bush Fire victims.

Otherwise, you could google 'knitting for charity' and find other

Or if knitting for charity is not your thing, there's always some
urban / graffiti / guerilla knitting to warm yourself with during


other links : - Australians - Giving a Knit Ravelry group - this group has members from the Yahoo "Knit 4 Charities" (K4C) and "Knitting for Brisbane's Needy" groups, as well as others not on those mail lists - thread for CURRENT K4C PROJECTS - updated regularly (best to goto the last page to see the most current charities) - a list of Australian charities accepting knitted items - a list of International (non-Australian) charities accepting knitted items - Knitting for Brisbane's Needy yahoogroups mail list page - a list of Fibre Arts mail lists which craft for charity - KOGO - knit one give one - knitting for homeless in winter - based in Victoria - thread for WRAP WITH LOVE - MANY ravelry groups for knitting for charity - Cuddles for Kitties - blankets and beds for cats in the pound / animal shelters

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