MC Sabre "Defence Vs Aggression"

Sabre is a devoted MC from Brisbane Australia. He is a committed freestyle MC as well as an experienced lyricist whenever it comes to his written material. Sabre has been heavily involved in the underground Brisbane Hip Hop movement for over a decade. Finally his debut solo material is ready to be unleashed.

Sabre was one of the first Brisbane artists to release product way back in 1993 under the act - "RECIPE 4 DISASTER". R4D were one of the 1st Hip Hop acts in Brisbane to start performing & recording demos with numerous local artists. Sabre performed at many shows between 93-99, supporting artists such as DJ Cash Money, J-Zone Bias B, Jase, Mass MC, DJ FX, Maya Jupiter, MC Trey, Sleek The Elite, DJ Soup, Metabass & Breath & Airforce Crew at the "Hustler's Convention" series of parties which Sabre also created and promoted.

In the year 2000 Sabre started working with a crew called "WILLING & ABLE". Despite not releasing any material, the crew kept recording & performing on the local club circuit. W&A conducted MC / DJ workshops at Wacol Correctional Center & Redcliffe Xpression Youth Festival. During his years as a pioneer Brisbane MC, Sabre has performed, judged & hosted many community-based gigs and battles from Goodna, Beenleigh, and Rosewood right down to the Gold Coast. Sabre also featured on "Albert Street Kings" from COXSTER'S (COK2) debut album - "Die Tryin".

After collaborating & compromising with other artists in the past Sabre has chosen to follow a solo career. This, his debut EP titled "Defence Vs Aggression" proves his confidence in his own lyrical ability by not calling in any guest MC's for the project. Production & cuts are supplied by DJ KODE RED (Brisbane 2003 ITF Champion), KAUTION & ALAN ROCK. Throughout "Defence Vs Aggression" Sabre runs through various styles with ease, displaying a wide variety of skills, touching on a range of topics including deep and personal tracks like "Dedicated", party-vibe tracks such as "Let's Get Started", and cut-throat in your face tracks such as "Enough Is Enough" and "You Don't Wanna".

Sabre brings a unique style of skills and production to the table throughout the EP, razor sharp beats matched with well delivered rhymes and hooks will have the listener anticipating further releases from this experienced performer known as SABRE.

Tracks included on the promotional sampler -
1. "You Don't Wanna"
2. "Dedication"

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