Melting the Razor Wire

> A jazz concert to raise funds for asylum seekers in Australia
> Does it get any better than this? Vince Jones, The catholics, and
> Jackie Orszaczky. Three great acts donate their talent for a
> great cause at Sydney's top live music venue, The Basement, on
> Sunday 20 July. All funds raised will go direct to help asylum
> seekers in Australia who are escaping religious or political persecution.
> The catholics are ' a dream team of Sydney musicians', with '...
> Their knack is being able to put a jazz spin on grooves from
> around the globe - South Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America -
> in a sunny, light-spirited way that belies the killer status of
> the players. This is jazz in a straw hat and Hawaiian
> shirt...sensuous and joyous music ... a (barefoot) walk in the
> park.' Australian Financial Review.
> Hungarian born Jackie Orszaczky has been at the heart of some of
> Australia's most original and creative bands. His influence on
> two generations of the finest musicians in the country is as deep
> as the grooves are that drive his soulful music. 'Through it all
> run the intertwined threads of honesty, warmth, humour, passion
> and fun...' The Sydney Morning Herald.
> Vince Jones, jazz vocalist, trumpeter, songwriter, uses his voice
> as an instrument and his lyrics for story and comment. He has
> been at the forefront of Australian jazz for over two decades and
> is widely acclaimed overseas. "...currently has one of the best
> in along line of fine bands, and whose anguished compassion has
> never been more relevant." The Sydney Morning Herald.
> All funds raised from ticket sales will go to helping asylum
> seekers, thanks to the generosity of the artists and of the
> Basement. The money will go direct into the fighting fund of A
> Just Australia, the main umbrella organization for local refugee
> action groups, whose patrons include Eva Cox, Julian Burnside,
> and actress Claudia Karvan. A Just Australia has actively
> campaigned on the plight of kids in detention and is also
> supporting legal work to prevent the forced repatriation of up to
> 250 Iranian detainees in camps around Australia, such as
> Villawood in Sydney and Baxter Detention Centre in South Australia.
> National Director of A Just Australia, Mr Howard Glenn, said they
> would continue to lobby all political parties until Australia's
> mandatory detention laws are repealed.
> Mr Glenn said A Just Australia and other refugee groups remain
> committed to supporting the hundreds of individuals and families
> who still remain behind razor wire, more than two years after the
> arrival of the last refugee boat to Australia.
> "There are also many asylum seekers released on temporary visas
> who are not permitted to work and must rely on donations to
> survive while the Government refuses to give them any certainty
> about their future. These people also deserve our support," said
> Mr Glenn.
> WHEN: Sunday 20 July - 8.30pm
> WHERE: The Basement
> TICKETS: $25 per person, $20 concession for
> students/pensioners/unemployed.
> For more information or to arrange interviews with the musicians,
> please contact Diana Plater on 0419 692 502, or Zoja Bojic on
> 0422 682 506.
> Fore more information about the how to help asylum seekers in Australia,
> please contact Lancia Jordana on 0408 610 212
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> Maqsood A K Alshams
> A Just Australia
> Tel: 02 9310 3900
> Fax: 02 9310 3906
> Mob: 0401 396 460
> Founder: AustHumanRightsNews
> Australian Human Rights Newsletter
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