mimi on the beach

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mimi on the beach

the music is an excerpt of the song 'mimi on the beach' by jane siberry (now known as issa) http://www.issalight.com

the footage is taken at bethells beach west of auckland, new zealand in early 2007

made in isadora and inspired by Will from Taylor Street Studio's work - I'm running some tests to see if I can work out how to do some of the effects he does as I love his work - it's so beautiful! http://www.taylorstreetstudio.com


the isadora patch is attached. it's 3 videos - 1 is the kite flying near the lifesaver hut, the second is the girl skipping on the beach, the third is another video of the bethells beach but has a dither patch applied to create the 1x1 squares using the extracted colours from the 3rd video. the speed is slowed down and the girl video is cropped and reduced in size and overlayed on the beach & kite video. both of these have the outlines extracted using difference patches

I started off trying to learn how Will made the squares effect and I'd done other tests on having multiple video windows playing, but when I was combining the videos I liked the outline effect so went off on a tangent to what I'd originally planned. (as usual)

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