Monaco a Go Go - Team Plastique & Monster Zoku Onsomb in Berlin

Team Plastique Presents....
2nd September from 22.00 'til late, @ Golden Gate, Janowitzbruecke, Berlin, Germany.

Team Plastique love the Monaco Royal Family - they are fun, trashy and tragic, like every Royal family should be (...or actually is). Monaco-a-go-go will be a scandalous night of Eurotrash glamour - Think international Playboys, Circus Trapeze Lovers, Bodyguard Romances and Tragic Princesses.

Catch the Princess Stephanie Dancers - the ultimate tribute to Monaco's own chain smoking, former fashion model, swimsuit designer and Rock Band Singer. (She even recorded a duet with Michael Jackson called "in the Closet" in the '80's!!)

Booty dance with the Air Hostess Go-Go's from Togo named after the mother of Prince Albert's scandalous illegitimate child.

Maybe piss in the corner like Ernst of Hannover did in the Turkish pavilion of Expo 2002.

Just come and be part of the glamorous scandal of Monaco-a-Go-Go.

The Princess Stephanie Dancers.
Air Hostess Go Go from Togo.


Team Plastique - (Berlin)
Monster Zoku Onsomb - (Australia)
Instantremovers - (Amsterdam)

Visuals by:

Alex and Jeremy (Amsterdam) -


Hure von Babylon, DJ Dude, Ki Ki Ill (Nam Shub of Enki), Carlo von Lynx and More!!!

Golden Gate, Jannowitzbruecke, Berlin, Germany, U-Bahn = U8 Janowitzbruecke,

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