ENZYME 8 - Industrial Noise Electro Dark Ambient - Jan 30 Melbourne

ENZYME 8 - Friday January 30th 2009 @ Blue Velvet - 60 Smith Street Collingwood featuring EYE / DJ Citizen (Canberra),, Manticle, BasticH, Cassandra's Myth, DJ Infectious Unease.
EYE are releasing the long-delayed "Propaganda Machine Vol.1" CD "Post-Industrial Music for an Information-Age" on the night! read more or visit ENZYME website for more details

Electro-Rock Night At The Step Inn - Super Massive + Elation + Dance In Circles DJs

Super Massive were awarded the Best Alternative Artist Award at the 2007 MusicOz Awards in November, for their evocative and as-yet-unreleased synth/rock song “Fists”, which you can sneak preview on the band’s myspace page at

The band is the songwriting co-project of drummer/composer Glenn Abbott (formerly of ARIA winning band Machine Gun Fellatio & his own solo project The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience) and singer/writer Malina Hamilton-Smith.

Together with electric bass genius John D. Young (Chuck Berry, Marcia Hines, Vanda & Young) and talented young guitarist Marc Malouf, the four deliver a powerful and entertaining show that seamlessly blends loops, synths, electro sounds, deep funkiness and the lustiness of a full-blooded rock band, in creative and catchy, pop-structured songs.

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REPHRASE playing 100% LIVE in Melbourne 24th Nov @ Roxanne Parlour

Jaime Olsen (REPHRASE from Sydney) is hitting Melbourne on Saturday 24th November and he is bringing his 100% LIVE show!!

Rephrase is on the road in 2007 to celebrate release of his latest and greatest album "Little Victories" plus upcoming remix compilation. After hearing the cry of excited Melbourne breakers; he's decided to pack up his sax and sequencers and synths to bring us his 100% live show. He'll be up on the big stage at Roxanne Parlour for one night only on Saturday 24th November.

|| Extra! Extra! || Rephrase is now playing 100% LIVE at his upcoming Melbourne show!!

Breaking news from Got Funk HQ ...

Jaime Olsen (REPHRASE from Sydney) is hitting Melbourne on Saturday 24th November and he is bringing his 100% LIVE show!!

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Melbourne - Mental Spoken Word & Live Avante Garde Experimental Electronics - Follow up performances

Gordon Taylor (Infectious Unease Radio) & Fractl have lined up a number of underground gigs for Melbourne through November and December. Experimental Spoken Word - Nano Glitch - Industrial - Noise : Featuring lush symphonics, hard beats, experimental electronics and controversial spoken word poetics. Acts Include: Gordon Taylor & Fractl, Bastich - local solo noise / industrial audio and Mystral Tide - cold dance / darkwave. Sunday November 20th, at Glitch Bar (318 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia). Bands start 9pm. Sunday December 4th, at Montsalvat (7 Hillcrest Ave. Eltham Victoria - Historic 1930's site). Barn Hall at 8pm. visit for more info

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LIVE Electronics, Glitch, Spoken Word and Industrial Music / Performance

Experimental Spoken Word - Nano Glitch - Industrial - Noise : A night of lush symphonics, hard beats, experimental electronics and mental spoken word performance. Free entry to see bands downstairs (cover charge for club upstairs). Acts Include: Gordon Taylor & Fractl - dark spoken word electronics, Bastich - noise / industrial and Mystral Tide - cold dance / darkwave. FRIDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2005, LIVE @ DREAM 229 Queensberry St, Carlton VIC, Time: 10pm - 2am

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Dis_orientation with Morceaux de Machines (Canada), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria), Ventricle & Emily Morandini

Disorientation is a monthly night of audio-visual performance and improvisation at the Abercrombie Hotel. This month's guests include Morceaux de Machines (Canada), Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria), Ventricle and Emily Morandini. read more for details

Wednesday October 5
Abercrombie Hotel (Cnr Abercrombie St & Broadway)
Entry $7/$5


Morceaux de Machines (Canada)
Miha Ciglar (Slovenia/Austria)
Emily Morandini

+DJ Corporal Leper

Disorientation is a monthly night of audio-visual performance
and improvisation at the Abercrombie Hotel.

Presented by the UTS Sound Collective and Supported by UTS Union and
Bondi Intermusic

This Month's Artist Details:


The duo of Aimé Dontigny and Érick Dorion, a highly skilled pair of
improvisers, who know how to drive the consenting listener on a sonic
adventure which will leave them with their mouth gaping. But if this
dynamism and this tension seem almost theatrical, it's a sort of theatre
de la cruaut impermeable to the false sentimentality of harmony,
ferociously deconstructive of deifying systems such as Bachuus.

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Rhythm Collision Sound System

Visit the Australian reggae forum @ for the latest reggae shows, info and news. Upcoming gigs include Rhythm Collision Sound System - Explosive Dancehall and Reggae vibes @ the Pavillion, Cornerstone Roots @ The Zoo, the Kuranda Reggae Festival in Cairns, The Red Eyes (Melbourne) @ The Zoo and Heavyweight Champion @ Rics

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Korean Polka, Melanesian Electro, Russian Tribal beats

Uber Lingua is St Jeromes' black sheep weekly event, keepin things real (in a sense) and exploring the wildly entertaining and sometimes somewhat obscure world of multi-lingual sound in the forms of Hip Hop, Dub, electronic sounds, polka, retro rock... you name it, it's been played !!! Alongside quality resonant residents bP and Raceless, the guest DJs for this Thursday (the 1st of September) are Open Channel's Program Director Andrew Garton, exploring his fave Korean stuff... He's obsessed! Along side Triple R FM's 'Killa' Namila Benson doing her Melanesian inspired groove thang, and Ang Fang Quartet member 'DJ Russian Disco' who prefers to be pretty obvious about what music he plays via his DJ title... read more or visit for more details

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camera obscura in september - film & video screenings

Monthly screenings with a simple goal of showing interesting and experimental film and video works in an appropriate setting, comfortable seating - 5.1audio - large scale projection. read more or visit for details. Channel101 is a "living, autonomous, untelevised TV network, powered not by promise of reward to the artist, but by the artist's desire to reward the audience." "For the audiences that attend the live screenings, Channel 101 is a chance to sit in the worn-out chair of the fat network exec, drunk on the blood of lowly artists whose right to exist is given in exchange for their ability to nourish. If there are 10 shows in the screening and 7 of them are good, that means 2 good shows aren't coming back and the power of life and death is in your hands. Base your decision on whatever you want. You run the network. You pick the programming. Then come back in a month and see the next episodes of the shows you picked- plus a healthy crop of new pilots. Dump the whole lineup and start fresh, or keep your favorite show running all year. Unlike "real" television, at Channel 101, what you want is what you get more of, and the day you stop wanting something is the day it stops."

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