Music from kid ripping up carboard box

What happens when you give a two-and-a-half year old boy a cardboard box and then tell him to destroy it? Lots of noise.

But the important question for this blog is: can you make music from it? You can download the MP3 file from the original blog on the link below:

In this piece, Talin Box Destroyer was given a cardboard box and a packet of rubber bands. All the sounds in this piece resulted from the box being tapped, kicked, slammed with a mallet, filled with toys and shaken, rubber bands being strung across it (luckily only I and Talin's mum Laura were injured, and soon decided the rubber bands were just too dangerous for Talin) and eventually torn to pieces.

So what sort of music was made? I don't know, but it is both romping and innocent, much like Talin.

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