in the news this weekend - 7-9 July 2006, Delhi Times of India

The Times of India reported a few stories today that caught my attention.. I don't get time to read the papers during the week and I never really read them at home in Australia or even UK, but here in India I've been catching up with local news and reading (incredulously) some of the articles over brunch on the weekends. (split over a few blog posts so easier to read)

first up, "Powerless : Delhi's Worst Crisis", an article describing the powercuts over the past weekend and how it is causing problems in some of the local suburbs which were without power anywhere between 8-15 hours! interesting that the article mentions the problems started last monday - I've been here since april apart from a week back in sydney and it's been happening since I've been here, albeit for a few minutes at a time.

Water supply too down to a trickle - this problem seems to be happening everywhere. Delhi's meant to be drenched in monsoonal rain at this time of year but so far there's only been a few showers. Today was drizzly, so perhaps the rain is on it's way, though a couple of weeks ago the papers were saying the monsoon had been cancelled in Delhi this year.

This article was interesting - basically it came down to the availability of infrastructure in Delhi and Mumbai, with a growing number of high tech / IT companies setting up offices in Bangalore as well. The two main methods that companies use to operate in India are (1) ..."through a branch, project, liason office etc. These offices engaged in trade, research, consltancy, trade promotion, etc, could also remit their profits outside India". and (2) .."through joint ventures or 100% wholly-owned subsidiaries. Once registered and incorporated as an Indian company, they are treated like any other company."

Will the office ever die?

This was another tech/business article about working from home now and in the future. It's an issue in Mumbai at the moment. Due to the monsoon, many people had 2-3 days at home last week as the city was flooded and they could not travel to work.

another crazy thing is, that the fluffy articles such as the ones above can be found on the Times of India - Delhi website (even if they are cut-down versions compared to those in the printed paper), but the ones which I think are of more importance such as the villager women & prostitution and lack of aids medication for Asia are not found on the site. perhaps I'm not searching hard enough or they were sourced from an external source which doesn't allow publication on the internet, or they were summarised to 'fill' the paper? who knows. has more photos of other headlines in the papers this week

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