nullarbor - demoparty and game development competition

nullarbor is a combined demoparty and game development competition. It is an event designed to bring together a community of local programmers, designers, artists and musicians that have an interest in real-time computer graphics. This is a great opportunity to get an introduction to game and demo development, meet people from the Australian industry and form new collaborative relationships with local talent.

Perth is the world's most remote large city. Australia's role in the demoscene is considered just as remote, and similarly Western Australia's role in game development is also very isolated. The source of Perth's physical remoteness, and an Australian icon of isolation is the nullarbor desert. Hence, this event was set up, to celebrate the talent base available within an isolated Australia and to demostrate to the world that Australian digital content creators are the best! nullarbor takes place on Thursday the 23rd of February 2006. It starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 9:00 pm.

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