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is @oldspice guy the first commonly known #diamondAge #ractor?

maybe @oldspice guy is the first commonly known #ractor. wish there were more. could be great as private entertainment when you don't feel like reading/watching a movie [1]

maybe there's a videoblogging project in that. hire your own #diamondAge #ractor to act out a book/film for you online [2]

or maybe we're all racting in twitter for free, for others anyway

@netwurker mez posted an article called "“The Old Spice Guy”: Presencing & Synthapticism In Action" on the _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ website and also on nettime-l

I sent a reply to artists in the cloud, mez & nettime list
"I've been reading Neal Stephenson's "Diamond Age" and was just wondering if @oldspice guy was the first commonly known #ractor? I was wondering also if it's a good job for some videobloggers now/in future.. have them act out or create/simulate books/films/imaginations in virtual worlds or on video, as entertainment for others who'd likely pay for it (or not?)"

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