plucked from the page

plucked from the page

bought the typewriter. u can replace the daisy wheel for diff typefaces - nice. forgot how noisy they are! louder than ICQ keypress ;)

this one has great whiteout - I used to have to liquid paper & type over on my other. this seems to pluck the letters off the paper.seamless

it's not a manual one. yet to get that again. this is an office/electric one. can still get ribbons for it so + is new one. is cutie I saw in (closed) antique shop - hoping it still works

girl in shop said 'is that a typewriter - haven't seen one of those in ages' & man (customer) said 'I'll sell u mine' it was a manual too.

(I was typing with one hand whilst trying to hold the camera - hence the slow typing speed & shaky vision :)

this typewriter is different to my old one - a little orange portable. this one the daisy wheel moves and the paper stays still. my old one (can't find it) the keys stayed still and the paper moved on the barrel. a little bell would ring when you pressed the lever to do a CR/LF to move the page down. now *that* was a typewriter!

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