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> Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 00:10:18 -0000
> From: "David J"
> The gallery talk by MCA curator Rachel Kent and exhibiting artist
> Susan Norrie
> will be held on Tuesday 12 August at 6.30pm, not Tuesday 21 August as
> stated in
> the current ARTeMATTERS.
> This free event will be held in the MCA Level 4 Galleries. Space is
> limited and
> bookings are essential. To reserve your place contact the MCA on 02
> 9250 8484 or
> email education@mca.com.au
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> Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 00:11:05 -0000
> From: "David J"
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> http://www.artmedia.com.au - Australian and New Zealand literary
> and performing arts
> Artmedia - e-publishing news - July/August, 2003
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> Features:
> Margaret Preston book/site - Aboriginal art and design
> Ern Malley, the world's greatest literary hoax
> Believers in Love, Festival appearances, Canada and USA
> e-Publishing Report:
> How to Deal With Online Media Pirates
> e-Networking
> 2003 University of Queensland Vanguard Literary Award
> Kaleidoscope video, film and multimedia Festival, Australia
> The Surface, an online chronicle of observation and comment
> 7th New Media Writers Workshop, Nottingham, UK
> Artmedia Services
> Advertising, Sponsorship, Web-site Publishing
> Newsletter Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions
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> Artmedia News
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> Welcome to the July/August 2003 edition of the e-publishing
> quarterly from Artmedia. This newsletter now reaches over
> 9,000 writers, publishers, bookshops, libraries and media-
> smiths in Australia, New Zealand, America, and Canada.
> With this issue we welcome another thousand poets and
> writers in North America, and remind any on the list who may
> wish to unsubscribe, to simply hit reply, and type unsubscribe
> in the subject line. If you are getting a number of copies, it is
> because of multiple email addresses, and to unsuscribe a
> number of addresses simply list them in the body of the email.
> In the features this month, we have a book of essays by
> Australian artist Margaret Preston, who wrote a series of
> controversial essays on Aboriginal art and design, and its
> place in the creation of a national art for Australia.
> With August comes Peter Carey's latest work My Life as a
> Fake - the story of a hoax poet in Australia's wartime... So
> now is the time to log in to www.ernmalley.com and see the
> story behind the world's greatest literary hoax.
> And I promote my upcoming North American appearances
> with my novel, Believers in Love, at the Winnipeg and the
> Ottawa Writers Festivals in Canada, and at the Putnam
> Storytelling Festival in New York.
> In the e-Publishing Report this month we reproduce an article
> by Alicia Karen Elkins on How to Deal With Online Pirates.
> Alicia has been in print for a decade, but she is also a private
> investigator, and her 'nuts and bolts' account of the legal steps
> to take to secure payment, shows this experience.
> In the networking, we have information on the University
> of Queensland Vanguard Literary Award, we present the new
> multimedia categories at the Kaleidoscope video, film and
> multimedia Festival in Sydney, plus we have information on the
> 7th New Media Writers Workshop in Nottingham, England.
> We aim to provide an avenue of communication for the growing
> electronic publishing community worldwide, so please send us
> information for inclusion in this newsletter. Details of our web-site
> and newsletter advertising deals are also at the bottom of this page.
> Please also forward this to somebody else who may be interested.
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> Artmedia Site Clients - check them out at www.artmedia.com.au
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> On the Artmedia site you can find a list of links to electronic
> publishing resources, awards and festivals all over the world, and
> you can subscribe to this newsletter, and the physical theatre
> newsletter, and find a copy of the latest issue of both newsletters.
> While you are there, check out the Physical TV site, which has
> information on Richard James Allen and Karen Pearlman's Dance
> Films, and books, including Performing the Unnameable, an
> anthology of contemporary Australian physical performance scripts.
> www.artmedia.com.au/physical_tv.htm
> South Australian author Adrian Rogers, has three fantasy novels
> published as e-books - on CD Rom or by direct download. Check
> out his free short story. http://www.artmedia.com.au/cathar.htm
> Alan Clay's novels, Moontan, www.artmedia.com.au/moontan.htm
> Dance Sisters www.artmedia.com.au/dance.htm and Believers in
> Love www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm are also featured.
> Find details of advertising rates for the newsletters, and the site
> publishing charges, at the bottom of this newsletter, or check out
> www.artmedia.com.au/services.htm
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> Feature: Margaret Preston's 'Art and Australia': Selected Writings
> ===================================================
> Australian artist Margaret Preston (1875-1963) wrote a series of
> controversial essays on Aboriginal art and design, and its place in
> the creation of a national art for Australia. Forty years after her
> death, they have been compiled by Elizabeth Butel for the first time
> as Margaret Preston's ART AND AUSTRALIA: Selected Writings
> 1920-1950 (Richmond Imprint ISBN 1 920688 14 5; $29.95).
> This large-format volume is 136 pages and includes 30 essays and
> 30 black & white woodcuts, addressing Preston's recurring
> preoccupations - 'modern' art, an Australian national art and the
> craft of art-making - including her woodblocking, pottery and silk-
> screen methods.
> ETT Imprint have also been creating a new 8th edition of Margaret
> Preston by Elizabeth Butel, due out August, with 16 pages of colour
> images. Both works can be seen on Imprint's website for the artist
> on www.margaretpreston.com, which contains many resources and
> links for Preston who is studied at primary, secondary and tertiary
> levels throughout Australia. Further information through the website
> or from the publisher Tom Thompson on (61 2) 9387 8672 or fax
> (61 2) 9369 4031. e-mail ggumques@nsw.bigpond.net.au
> ===================================================
> Feature: Ern Malley, the world's greatest literary hoax
> ===================================================
> With August comes Peter Carey's latest work My Life as a
> Fake - the story of a hoax poet in Australia's wartime... So
> now is the time to log in to www.ernmalley.com and see the
> story behind the world's greatest literary hoax.
> Read how two conservative Oz poets tried to mock the
> modernist movement by submitting the poems of the "dead Ern"
> Malley to Max Harris at Angry Penguins magazine. When the
> hoax emerged, Harris was pilloried - and Ern shone brightest.
> ===================================================
> Feature: Stories from 'Believers in Love' in America and Canada
> ===================================================
> Alan Clay's third novel, 'Believers in Love', is now available on
> order through bookshops and on-line stores worldwide. Order
> the paperback, or download the eBook. Upcoming North
> American Tour Appearances:
> Winnipeg Writers Festival, Canada, September 18 to 28
> Ottawa Writers Festival, Canada, October 1 to 10
> Putnam Storytelling Festival, New York, USA, October 11
> 'Whole Note' Poetry Readings, Berkeley, California, October 28
> 'It's About Time' Readings, Seatle, Oregon, USA, November 13
> "Profound observations of life, art and love... Believers in Love
> is a powerfully creative work, with prose that sings like poetry.
> Beautifully told and evocatively rendered, this novel comes very
> highly recommended." wordweaving.com
> Find links to the Winnipeg, Ottawa and Putnam festivals under
> Festivals at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm And to suggest
> a reading, e-mail readings@artmedia.com.au Find reviews and
> more info on the book at www.artmedia.com.au/believer.htm
> ===================================================
> e-Publishing Report - 'Beating Online Piracy' by Alicia Karen Elkins
> ===================================================
> The first step in protecting yourself from media pirates is to post
> a notice on the first page of your web site that states none of your
> work may be used without your written permission and you will
> prosecute media pirates to the fullest extent of the law. The
> second step is to run your name through search engines on a
> regular basis. Carefully review each listing and make notes
> about any that are not markets to which you submitted.
> Follow each unrecognized link to the site and check out why they
> have a link to your name or work. You need to write down:
> The full URL for the page with your work, the owner's e-mail
> address, the full name and address of the owner of the site, and
> the date of the post, if shown, or the issue date and number. You
> can often find a website owner's contact information by typing the
> URL into this site: http://dns411.com/
> Make a print out of the web page containing your work and the
> home page for the site. Label a large envelope with "copyright
> infringement" and place all records about the case inside. Store in a
> safe place. Be sure to include the amount of time you spend on the
> case, so keep a log, and any trips you make, costs for copies,
> telephone calls, and so forth. If you get a judgment against a media
> pirate, you are entitled to recoup all expenses incurred to file the
> claim, appear in court, and collect the amount awarded to you.
> The next step is to notify the site that they are using your work
> illegally and demand payment. State the amount owed (estimate
> what you think the publication of your piece is worth) and the length
> of time they may use your work once they compensate you. Save a
> copy of all correspondence sent. Print out a hard copy for the case
> envelope. You will need to prove that you made an honest effort to
> contact the owner of the site.
> Allow a reasonable amount of time for a reply. If the owner replies,
> restate your demand for payment. They will likely tell you that they
> did not know it was illegal to use your work or that they are doing
> you a favor by supplying exposure for you and your work. Be strong
> and do not allow them to use your work illegally. The law is on your
> side. Demand payment. If the owner does not respond, send your
> demand for payment again. Wait another few days and send a notice
> that they have 72 hours to respond or you will take legal action.
> After the final 72 hours, contact the internet service provider (ISP)
> where their site is hosted. Locate the home site for the ISP and look
> for a link about copyrights. If you do not see such a link, contact
> the ISP through their "help" link and ask for contact information for
> their copyright infringement agent. They will provide you with
> instructions for filing a complaint. Another way to do this is to
> check the "directory of copyright agents" for the ISP's agent listing
> at the U. S. Copyright Office web site at:
> http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright.
> You will have to sign a statement and mail or fax it to the agent.
> The statement must contain a description of the work, the URL
> where it is illegally used, a statement that the work does belong to
> you and nobody else has the authority to publish the work, and a
> statement that you did not authorize use of the work by the site.
> Ask the ISP to supply you with the full name and address of the
> owner of the site if you did not find it on the site. They will
> probably tell you that state and federal laws prohibit the release
> of this information without a court order.
> Next, take a printout of the privacy act statement from the ISP and
> your copies of correspondence to a local court clerk and ask for an
> appointment to see the judge. Any court that is willing to issue a
> court order for release of information will work, but it is easiest
> to get it from a civil or small claims court. This can be accomplished
> in the judge's chambers without having a hearing. Send a copy of
> the order to the ISP. They will then send you the address.
> When you get the address, go online and do a search of the city and
> state. You need to find the county name. Next search for the county
> Small Claims Court. Look for their contact information and read all
> information about filing a small claim. Many courts will allow you to
> file the claim by mail and to have the person served through certified
> mail. If the information is not given, call the court clerk and ask
> if you
> can file my mail.
> File your claim. Include an itemized list of all your expenses,
> including your time figured at an hourly rate as stated in Writer's
> Market or other writer's reference manual. Do not ask for a lower
> rate. Include the following statements in your itemization: "Actual
> costs to appear in court. Receipts will be provided." If you are more
> than 100 miles from the court, add this statement: "Cost of travel
> required for court appearance." Count your time lost from productive
> work or any wages lost due to the travel and court appearance.
> Be thorough, but observe the court's rules for the maximum amount
> that can be filed as a small claim. If the amount is more than
> allowed in small claims court, you will have to file a civil suit for
> fraudulent use and damages. File the claim and request to have the
> defendant served through certified mail by the court. Once you are
> notified of the court date, make your travel arrangements. Take any
> proof of copyright to the hearing, magazines, books, and so forth.
> Getting the judgment is much easier than collecting it, especially
> with the sites that believe they have done nothing wrong in posting
> your work on their personal site. Often they will tell you that they
> will never pay. If they do not readily agree to pay in the courtroom,
> take your copy of the order straight to the county's title office and
> register a lien against all property owned by the person. This can
> mean anything from a lien on their vehicle or boat to a lien against
> their home. They cannot legally sell it or trade it without paying
> you.
> The only way to stop piracy is to pursue each incident through
> court. As long as you have fully documented the incident and all of
> your costs to take it to court, you will win your case and receive
> compensation for the trouble. Often the media pirate will pay the
> claim before court to get the case dropped. If enough writers start
> prosecuting cases, word will soon circulate that media piracy is a
> costly adventure. Only then will writers be able to publish their
> work without losing it to people that "really liked it."
> ===================================================
> Alicia Karen Elkins grants free reprint rights of this article to
> anybody wishing to spread the word about media pirates. Let's
> eradicate media piracy! Alicia Karen Elkins has been in print for a
> decade. She is currently working to complete her MA in Creative
> Writing. She is also a licensed private investigator.
> ===================================================
> e-Networking
> ===================================================
> "Dear Editor, The UQ Vanguard Literary Award is now in its
> second year, with an increased prize pool of $4,000. 2003 UQ
> Vanguard Literary Award, sponsored by Archives Fine Books.
> Deadline: 1st of September 2003. First place: $3,500 +
> publication for top five stories. Also: $500 bonus LiterARTure
> Award. Short story: 3000 to 5000 words, with option to illustrate.
> Conditions and entry form available on the web site.Contact
> email: uqvanguard@uq.edu.au With thanks and best wishes from
> everyone at UQ Vanguard," Max Leskiewicz, President. Find
> this link under Awards at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm
> "This year the Kaleidoscope Festival in Sydney has added three
> Multimedia Categories - Interactive Fiction, Non-Fiction and
> Game, making it one of the few Festivals to embrace the range
> of new media over the scope of the digital spectrum. Multimedia
> is increasingly becoming the language of the emerging generation
> of artists and filmmakers. Metro Screen Kaleidoscope has
> responded to this by putting together prize packages that will enable
> Multimedia practitioners to create further works using state of the
> art equipment and facilities. The festival will enable multimedia
> practitioners to exhibit their work in public forum to a large
> audience. The Interactive Multimedia Exhibition is part of the
> festival program. Nine pods will be installed in the Metro Screen
> studio, each housing one of the finalists works -three Interactive
> Fictions, three Interactive Non-Fictions and three Interactive
> Games. Multimedia industry leaders will open the exhibition with a
> presentation about working and living in the interactive realm. The
> exhibition will take place on Thursday November 13th at Metro
> Screen, located in the Sydney Film Centre, Paddington Town Hall,
> Sydney, Australia. Productions can be any genre on any format.
> Length: eight minutes including titles and credits. Entry Deadline:
> August 1 at 5pm. Prizes: 14 categories. Entrants: All members of
> Screen Development Australia. Screenings: November 10 to 14."
> Katrina Beck. Find a link to Kaleidoscope under Festivals at
> www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm
> "Dear Alan, We are seeking submissions for our online Arts
> and literature magazine - The Surface is a chronicle of
> observation and comment. A shop window for aspiring writers,
> poets, illustrators, photographers, journalists and essayists. We
> offer no fee. The Surface is completely, wholeheartedly and
> fiercely independent - it involves no charge at any time to either
> reader or contributor - the surface is self funded by donations.
> If you would like your work to be made available to literary
> agents, art directors and editors then please feel free to
> contribute. Each edition of The Surface will be hung on a theme,
> and each theme is broad and open to many interpretations. The
> Surface is intended to represent the diversity and talents of
> creative people. Submissions should reflect the interests of
> international readers." Sincerely, Kelly Mason. Find this link
> under On-line magazines at www.artmedia.com.au/links1.htm
> "Call for participation in the 7th New Media Writers Workshop
> How can a writer's message be expressed in new media? What
> does new media offer that print does not? And in an age when
> new media has become increasingly professional, how can an
> individual produce work of a high enough standard--including
> text, graphics, animation, sound, programming etc. etc?
> The 7th New Media Writers' Workshop, part of the Hypertext
> 03 conference in Nottingham, will explore these questions and
> more. This workshop is also open to non-conference attendees.
> When: One-day live f2f workshop: Saturday August 30th in
> Nottingham, UK. The cost for this is

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