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I have so many ebooks to read it's hard to know which one to read. sometimes having too much choice is a bad thing. it was so much simpler when I had one thing to do at a time ...

"And then, Mog-ur used the power of his great brain."

"All those primitive people, with almost no frontal lobes, and speech limited by undeveloped vocal organs, but with huge brains -- larger than any race of man then living or future generations yet unborn -- were unique. They were the culmination of a branch of mankind whose brain was developed in the back of their heads, in the occipital and the parietal regions that control vision and bodily sensation and store memory."

"And their memory made them extraordinary. In them, the unconscious knowledge of ancestral behavior called instinct had evolved. Stored in the back of their large brains were not just their own memories, but the memories of their forebears. They could recall knowledge learned by their ancestors and, under special circumstances, they could go a step beyond. They could recall their racial memory, their own evolution. And when they reached back far enough, they could merge that memory that was identical for all and join their minds, telepathically."

-- clan of the cave bear - jean m auel


{Kappa-Epsilon-Phi-Alpha-Lambda-Eta Lambda}


Dreams are imperfections of sleep; even so is con-
sciousness the imperfection of waking.
Dreams are impurities in the circulation of the blood;
even so is consciousness a disorder of life.
Dreams are without proportion, without good
sense, without truth; so also is consciousness.
Awake from dream, the truth is known:(16) awake
from waking, the Truth is-The Unknown.


This chapter is to read in connection with Chapter 8,
and also with those previous chapters in which the
reason is attacked.
The allusion in the title is obvious.
This sum in proportion, dream: waking: : waking:
Samadhi is a favourite analogy with Frater P.,
who frequently employs it in his holy discourse.

(16) I.e. the truth that he hath slept.

-- Book of Lies : Aleister Crowley

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