reunions in Brisbane & an end of holidays Soul Mix from Damage

I've been in Brisbane for past 12 days - catching up with lots of old and new friends. Valli & Dave moved to the UK. Frankie and I made a video - he'd kept a Strawberry from Strawberry Fields '96 and took it out for dinner last thursday night, so we made a video of the strawberry wandering the streets of the Valley looking for some of the old clubs which have since closed down.

Strawberry looking for lost clubs in the Valley

How Frankie found his Strawberry

I went to the Reunion Rave at the Met on friday night. it was a fantastic party! the djs played all the old tracks that were played at clubs years ago Thief's set was a highlight - he played tracks from Magic Roundabout @ Metropolis + The Site, as was the return of Vision Four 5. The screens in the MET were amazing too - the visuals were so crisp & clear. The lasers in the main room were great too. I caught up with so many people and danced most of the night. could hardly walk on Saturday though! but as Custa said "it's because of the hard floors - not because of my age or the fact I haven't used those muscles in a long time" sounds right to me!

I took some photos and video clips throughout the night, but most of the time I forgot I had the cameras as I was too busy talking and dancing. I think this is why I have hardly any photos from parties back in the day!

so now I'm listening to Damage's Soul Mix - a great set to wind down after holidays and first day back at work. I'm really liking his selection in this mix. the terntable jediz guys are doing well. sheep's back in Brisbane, and Freestyle's records are selling for crazy prices on discogs - 80 EURO for the 2006 Roy Davis Jnr remix "The Session" 12''. good to hear! I've heard they're going to be playing some regular (additional) gigs soon too.

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