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sci fi similarities

this afternoon I watched some of the 1939 Buck Rogers series. I saw lots of similarities with the sci fi movies from the 1980s - current day. I love the older methods of making sci fi movies - using the models & filming miniature sets. when I saw Moon I had the feeling that they'd done some of this but I haven't googled to check if this is correct or not. Buck Rogers has the tilted title text like Star Wars does, and the transporter beam like Star Trek, as well as the communications panel and tv screens zooming in on different locations - everywhere under surveillance like today's world. also I loved how the end of each episode had a slide saying the next episode would be seen at your local theatre - I think it'd be cool to have series shown this way again instead of the instantaneous methods we have today where you can download on demand or goto the video/dvd store or watch on TV in your lounge room. also I thought it was interesting that the leaders in 2440 were wearing capes and outfits that would fit in in feudal England or Rome. and the silver bathing caps and headphones that the modern people wore as protection and communication devices. and I loved the kaleidoscope effects behind the closing titles on some of the episodes. I saw so many things that seemingly influenced modern sci fi films. and the large spot lights reminded me of war movies where people escape from concentration camps or jail break films. I filmed my tv, so there's lots of flickering - buy or hire the series & take a look for a clearer view.

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