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sophia's choice - listening & learning

sophia's choice - listening & learning

Expanding Mind with Erik Davis
Expanding Mind - 03/03/11 - Gnostic initiation, spiritual scholarship, and the evil trap of the universe: a conversation with Miguel Conner, host of Aeon Byte and author of the new interview collection Voices of Gnosticism. mp3 download

the god above god - Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio
CCG #42-- Philip K. Dick with Jeremy Puma author of 'Running Towards The Bomb'
Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis #1-20 - Abraxas
Philip K Dick related articles

Who was Gilles Deleuze? (part 1)
download mp3
(pron. del-erze)
Deleuze wrote on many topics
"philosophy on nature and life & the way philosophy can enliven our lives"
"thought takes form in writing, not in dialogue / speaking"

At the movies with Gilles Deleuze (part 2) - philosophy of film (thinking with film)
download mp3
- Welles: "deep focus images" "narratives slow down" "percept|affect|act|ion" (perception/affection/action) "opens up dimension of time" memory deleuze
- "thought image" "breaking of the link between perception & action" disorientation (post-war cinema) broken moral fibre & what comes next
"time image" "memory image" - cinema II
"movement image" - cinema I

#patatag - usb stick postal art / net project & a POD blurb book of the project with some people from artists in the cloud list
a name.. patatag came to mind...
"a visual exploration into the imaginary solutions for the constructs of reality (pataphysics=pata art)" - sam renseiw's videos. not sure if the name is too close though. we can choose another if it is
also thinking of 'remembering' (plato) and the perception-image in deleuze's cinema1 book. & Philip K Dick's 'what is reality?'
& how the videos we take are only one perception of the recording of a moment in time. so when we look back and remember, it's not the full story, but it is *a* story of that time

hidden college of eris
"beyond lies the wub" - Philip K Dick
"science & sanity" alfred korzybski (5 pages per week)

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