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the stems cake

the stems cake 13/09/1987, originally uploaded by AliaK

the stems cake 13/09/1987

the stems cake for my friend's birthday. myself & another friend made & decorated this 13/09/1987. it looks like the cover of their record. I think my copy of the record was stolen at a party a couple of years later (as were my old violent femmes & swampy records) :(

wow the stems are still touring overseas (2010). great to hear "AT FIRST SIGHT VIOLETS ARE BLUE" was the record

"At first sight"

other bands I remember:
Lime Spiders

Slave Girl by the Lime Spiders

jealous! Lime Spiders? Violet Femmes RT @matt_levinson @AliaK I have most 7"s/LPs by The Stems, The Someloves, Orange Humble Band-anything else?!/AliaK/status/30132693618397184

VIOLENT FEMMES - Blister in the Sun

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