Streaming Festival 4th edition

4th edition Streaming Festival starts on the 20th of November 2009.
Online festival explores alternative presentations for upcoming artists

On 20 November the 4th edition will exhibit more than hundred works of audio visual art from international artists on the Streaming Festival website. Ten days non-stop contemporary art, films and visual experiments, available at any time from any location.
The Streaming Festival is based in the Netherlands but has no geographical borders; anyone with an internet connection can plug into a festival stream and start watching without having to pay an entrance fee.

Besides showing audio visual art from all over the world, we’ll also host an exhibition Streaming Stills in BH139.
We have always focused on online broadcasting through streaming servers, but even though that’s exactly how we like it, we realized that sooner or later offline locations would be our next step in exploring the possibilities to present art to the audience.
So, during the Streaming Stills exhibition we’ll place photographs on one side, while stills can be uploaded live by anyone with an internet connection. The stills’ll be streamed directly from the internet and randomly displayed on the other side of the gallery.

The opening of the festival, and the Streaming Stills exhibition will be held on 20 November 2009 at 20.00 in BH139 (Boekhorststraat 139 - the Hague, the Netherlands).
DJ Technician and Pametex will add music to the opening with a special soundtrack session.

The organiser of the festival; the isfth foundation, organises the 4th edition together with Dutch, and international cultural institutions like CultureTV, OtticaTV, Artikraak and the One Take Film Festival.

Streaming Festival
20 - 30 november 2009

Streaming Stills
20 - 27 november 2009
BH139 (http//
Boekhorststraat 139 The Hague
Open daily from 13.00 - 17.00hrs

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