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sunday 06/06/2010

whew, things are a little calmer now. I've popped back into facebook & twitter a couple of times and it seems ok. I've been busy with uni this week, and work. we've had to do a lot of reading. my inkjet printer hasn't been working well - the prints are blurry and mis-aligned, even after new (expensive!) inks and multiple realignment attempts. so I bought a laser printer for $99 and it's been working well - I wish I'd done this sooner. had I known how cheap they were these days I would have! the old printer is actually one of those multi-function devices so it's still working as a scanner.

I started a section for philosophy class in the collections part of my site. so I can keep notes etc. I started writing some freemind notes last night from one of the readings, and I watched a couple of videos also - the Carl Sagan's videos on pre-socratic philosophers

Carl Sagan on the pre-socratic philosophers (part 1)

Carl Sagan on the pre-socratic philosophers (part 2)

so today was a good day. yesterday was too - the guy at the coffee shop spoke to me about music as he's noticed me writing out my music notes after guitar class on previous visits. next week I don't have a class as I'm doing the spinning & weaving class which should be interesting. I've been enjoying reading "Women's Work - the first 20000 years" by Elizabeth Wayland Barber

today's tweet says it all:
"good food & coffee, watching SlowTV videos. knitting. listening to old LFO & 90s music. cosy blanket. cold outside. perfect winter sunday arvo"

this afternoon I watched The great financial panic. Paul Keating and David Wessel on SlowTV. a recording of one of the recent Sydney Writer's Festival sessions. they spoke about how the USA and Europe got into a financial mess and how Australia escaped it.

I saw some tweets about #thedeakins and found the deakin lectures at the wheeler centre in Melbourne. will try check them out later tonight

this morning I caught up on watching a documentary on youtube on EMS studio & artists - Murray had posted these links to the Listening Party event we're having in October when we're meant to show/play the songs we've made. lucky it's in October. I haven't got much to show for it yet. I thought maybe I'd (finally get around to) doing the second phase of the gps data music max patch I made a few years back. the original one just adjusts the ambience vst plugin according to the gps co-ordinates. I always planned to use the gps data to generate sounds. maybe this is a good chance / motivation to try it.

What the Future Sounded Like - part 1/3

What the Future Sounded Like - part 2/3

What the Future Sounded Like - part 3/3

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