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t-shirt triggered memories

I hope lyocell is ok, because this tshirt I bought, 50% cotton, 50% lyocell is *the* most comfortable shirt I've had since I was a kid. says it's bleached wood pulp. so thank you trees (sorry you were cut down for this). need to get more. the shirt feels like this abba tshirt I had when i was about 8 that I used to wear every day. would rollerskate under friends house in it. the feel of 1000 washes and Brisbane summer heat & kids playing in big back yards & under-the-house skate rinks.

I don't want to wash it yet in case the feeling goes away! ha if u want to try one. I just bought another

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@jeanburgess said:
[1] @AliaK yes. Very nice.
[2] @AliaK your evocation of being young during a certain period of Qld history was brilliant. A good t-shirt is always good too.

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