Tito Bravo!

today was Jerusalem day - it wasn't a holiday though but the newspapers said there were celebrations in the city and children walked / marched in the streets. I went to Ben Yehuda to the chemist & bank so it was a great excuse to go to Tito Bravo! for pizza night. this time I ate in - well half the pizza - other half is for tomorrow night so it was take-away. chatted to pizza guy a fair bit tonight - I mentioned I was only here for a few more weeks. it's amazing how people talk to you more when they know you're leaving! I said he should open a store in Sydney, I think it'd be a great success! I thought his name was Aaron for some reason (this is what I heard one of the guys say but it was probably another Hebrew word that I couldn't understand). but I think his name is actually Tito!! how did I miss that.. he's very precise when he makes the pizzas (& pasta) - he said he's used to doing cuisine in fancy restaurants (in USA) but had an idea to make pizzas with sourdough so started the restaurants here in Jerusalem. he's so careful - it's almost like he's painting on a canvas - he places each ingredient with such care. he wrote Tito Bravo! with his finger in the flour on the workbench too. i couldn't resist so I asked if I could take a video when he was making another pizza - I think he got embarrassed a bit, but this way I can remember things better. I didn't catch his great smile though on video!!

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