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Tribal Shift : 25th October - Outdoor Party

a 'wlf production! VERY proudly presents...

Tribal Shift

25th October - Outdoors - 8.00pm to 4.30pm

From the crew behind last years biggest one night outdoor party, ASTROPHYSIA,
comes a party to top them all!

Presenting for the very first time ever LIVE in Australia, one of the biggest
and most popular acts currently out of Europe...

HYPER FREQUENCIES (Mechanik Sound Records/Mac Ben Music, France)


Alongside International DJ Sets by...

NEUROMOTOR (aka Thy-LAN) (Aka E.S.X.S., Plastyk Elephant, Crazy Lion's
Cult, Master Mind)
(Manager of Mechanik Sound Records, Spain)

Gill Beraud (France) (Aka Hyper Frequencies, Crazy Lion's Cult)

Also featuring the following Interstate talents...

Illusion Of Self Live (Tribeadelic Records, Melbourne)
(Aka Jimbo Jones) - First EVER Live set in Sydney!

Luke Psywalker (Manager of Digital Psionics Records, Byron Bay)

Franny (Manager of Demon Tea and Sundance Records, Byron Bay)

But wait folks, there's still more!!..

As well as all that there will be sets by some of Sydney's finest DJ's to take
your minds to another dimension with..

* aDaMT (
* Fiba Optix
* Raptor (Yak n Yeti)
* Ming D (Yak n Yeti)
* tract (SDM)
* Nazca (Electric Power Pole)
* Darkchild (T-Quest)
* Galaktik (T-Quest)
* McBain (Psychoactive People)
* Wodger Want (Bush Mongers)
* Psyphazer
* Norman Bates (
* Morphism (Ohms Not Bombs)



Featuring some of the world's best psychedelic music with decorations
completely fitted out to theme and delivered on a killer sound system with
some twisted visuals to go with it.

Featuring a variety of music from some of Sydney's best, providing you with
something different to the main floor, with it's own visuals, and completely
decorated to theme as well.

Food and Drinks can be had from the Electric Power Chai and Ohms Not Bombs
food stalls, as well as getting yourself a delicious feed at the BBQ run by
Stu-e in the morning!

As well as this there will be clothing and other accessories available for

Run by Secret Weapon, you know this will ensure a night of quality sound tuned
to it's finest precision!

Featuring the 16k Martin Audio Sound System as seen at Astrophysia, along side
the Mackie Sound rig, to deliver an enormous quantity of over 20k of sound!

Live VJ'ing across BOTH Floors by some of Sydney's longest and freshest
talents through the workings of Eskatonia (main floor) and The ReAnimator
(second floor).

The venue will be transformed completely to theme care of the talented
workings of Spark Arts, Tribes of the Moon, The Creators Workshop, and more.

Feel free to bring your own drums and didgeridoo for the second area!

Cost: This can all be had in return for your contribution of $40 on the door!

Limited pre-sale tickets available for $35 from Electric Monkeys Records and
BPM Records.

Venue Details: Call 1900 963 300 on the night for details!

Artist Information:

Hyper Frequencies - Mechanik Sound Records, Mac Ben Music - France:

Hyper Frequencies was the brainchild of Gill Beraud. Gill who had started off
as a fan of Led Zeppelin, Gong and Kraftwerk, began his music career as a
bassist/writer with his hardrock band Stalker. In 1994 he discovered
electronic music, and within no time at all came across Psychedelic Trance
which he felt most at home with.

Coming to the attention and popularity of the worldwide trance scene through
his debut album (who he had collaborated on with Plastyk Elephant), Hyper
Frequencies pretty much instantly became a hit. Their unique blend of
psychedelic trance has helped to establish them as something unmissable. Since
then, they have been playing all over the world, and often at many of the same
large festivals as their Mechanik Sound Records brother, Neuromotor.

Their newly released second full length album, Red Crystal Moon, quickly made
its way into many Top 10 charts from PsyTrance DJ's and stores around the
world, even winning itself a place in Goa Gil's Top 10 albums list. Prior to
the release of their debut album, they released the popular EP 'A Prayer' on
Turbo Trance Records.

They have also been featured on several Turbo Trance releases including the
Origins and Fire compilations, and also featured on the recent Psycho
Laboratory compilaiton on Mechanik Sound Records, and Zoom Volume 4 on Happy
People Music.

Thy-LAN (Aka Neuromotor) - Manager of Mechanik Sound Records - Spain:

Thy-LAN, better known as Neuromotor, released his debut full length album
'Neuro Damage' featured on the respected Greek label, Acidance Records. As
Neuromotor he has become one of the most in-demand psychedelic trance DJs in
the world, playing virtually every major
festival around the world in the last six months.

Through Neuromotor he has gone on to release material on over 13 different
labels including the likes of Shiva Space Technology, Alchemy, Turbo Trance,
Mechanik Sound, Parvati, Moon Spirits, and many others. As well as all this,
he also released the EP, After Effect, on Turbo Trance Records.

Thy-LAN (aka Frederick Talaa) has also been involved in other collaborations
to high acclaim, notably so under the titles of E.S.X.S. and Plastyk Elephant.
As well as this his label Mechnaik Sound Records, which he runs from where he
lives in Spain, was responsible for the release of the extremely popular
compilation Psycho Laboratory, featuring the likesof Xenomorph, Lotus Omega,
Hyper Frequencies, and many more.

Illusion of Self (Jimbo Jones) - Tribeadelic Records - Melbourne:

After bringing you Ozzy last year, we bring to Sydney another one of the
Tribeadelic gems, Illusion of Self. Anyone who was at the Illusion of Self CD
Launch earlier this year was witness to Jimbo Jones's music. We now bring him
back to perform live for you for the first time ever in Sydney, with all the
material off his debut album and new unreleased

James Stevens (Jimbo Jones), otherwise known as Illusion of Self, has been
producing Psytrance since 1998 after he started fooling around on his PC and
got the bug quickly. After some good feedback from slipping in a few of his
own tracks into some DJ sets, and from dancers enjoying this interpretation
of Psy, he soon had the confidence to persue his own vision.

Influenced by Pink Floyd in early life, James studied music and the guitar
from 10 years old to present. Now at 27 he finds more flexibility working with
synthesizers. His work as Illusion of Self represents some of the best
Psytrance to come out of Australia, and sits along side other Tribeadelic
releases such as Mr Peculiar's Elements album, Liquid and Solid compilations.

Luke Psywalker - Digital Psionics Records - Byron Bay:

Luke is one of Australia's longest standing and finest DJ's. He has played at
every Summer Dreaming from 2000 to 2002, Portugal's infamous BooM Festival,
Tribeadelic NYE '02/'03 party, Exodus 2003, Splendor in the Grass, The
Dawning, and so many more, including a recent party in Portugal called DNA -
The Beginning. He plays regularly at outdoor parties around Byron as well as
playing other gigs around Australia. We bring him back to Sydney for you for
the first time since he rocked Summer Dreaming back in January 2002.

Luke is also the manager with Luna Orbit (aka Dark Nebula) of one of
Australia's best known Psytrance labels, Digital Psionics, which have released
albums to much praise all around the world. As well as this he has worked as a
producer in collaborations along side the likes of Space Tribe, Dark Nebula,
and Franny.

Franny - Demon Tea Records / Sundance Records - Byron Bay:

His sets are unmistakable, pure genius. Providing without a doubt what is
considered by most to be the freshest and most mind bendingly psychedelic sets
which leave the dance floor dying for more.

Since he started DJing in 1997, he has played sets at pretty much all of
Australia's biggest parties, both indoors and outdoors. Australian festivals
his played at include Rainbow Serpent Festival, Summer Dreaming, Tribeadelic
NYE, Electric Buddah, The Awakening, Seismic Chunk, French Island II, The
Dawning, and more.

Outside of Australia he has played to over 15,000 people at festivals in
Finland, to over 4,000 people in France, as well as huge festivals in Japan,
Holland, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, and elsewhere. Much like Luke, he
plays at many free parties around Byron Bay on a regular basis.

Franny is responsible for the birth of another Australian success story, Demon
Tea Records, which has published numerous compilations and albums now,
including the likes of Loopus Infabula, and more. Demon Tea Records
compilations have won praise from those inside and even those outside the
Psytrance scene for their quality and diversity.

Franny's other label Sundance Records contains music quite unlike any other
label around, with a completely fresh and twisted psychedelic sound. Their
releases feature a mix of known and upcoming artists from Australia and
overseas. All tracks released being full of rich and complex melody
structures, and all tracks are unique in their own way, with a very wide range
of ideas being explored.

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