{we live not underground, but in the undergrowth}

A nu world is growing through the cracks of the old in UNDERGROWTH, a quarterly PDF digizine being launched in early 2004, UNDERGROWTH will feature an ongoing collection of some of Australia`s cutting edge guerilla ontologists using science fiction as a medium of exploring consciousness and playing mind games with what they find. From sustainable eco-tek communities to shamanistic modes of perception on the street and the youth culture of tomorrow - UNDERGROWTH is the sprouting of a new wave of writers and artists and a new type of psyence fiction as cyberpunk becomes psyberdelic...



This mailing list is to facilitate and nurture the development of the UNDERGROWTH COLLECTIVE for the production of the FREE quarterly digital magazine - UNDERGROWTH. You can post samples here to be peer reviewed for possible inclusion in UNDERGROWTH. UNDERGROWTH is a non-profit, open-source collective putting together an ongoing anthology of Australian writing, art and multimedia for publication in a digital, downloadable PDF magazine. We`re looking for cutting edge material of a speculative/ science fiction edge that comments on a consciousness/ spirituality, psychedelic perspective and how that relates to the rapidly changing world around us now. We embrace street culture that comments on socio-political alternatives, technology, green ecology, Gaian consciousness, magick, the Archaic Revival, ethnobotany, psychedelic and doof counterculture, New Paradigm themes and writing that helps point the way to a sustainable future.

We are drawing on the enthusiasm and verve of a youth culture that embraces collective collaboration, network building, new media, new ways of
expression and the fire in the belly that refuses to be extinguished by the forces of corporate-military-industrial-infotainment Spectacle! Another world is possible and indeed, happening all around! We hope to show that by drawing on the techno-cultural possibilities of the present, a multiplicity of positive futures is also possible.

We would love you to be part of our evolving network and are seeking short fiction (500 - 3000 words), non-fiction, (up to 2000 words) poetry and art (web sized jpegs please) , as well as people wanting to be involved in production behind the scenes. Short multimedia pieces - flash fiction - are also welcome (max file size 800k or smaller!) and we are hoping to unite established writers of short texts with multimedia artists for collaborations that further the interactive artform. We are attempting to do all this in an `open-source`, transparent model on-line, uniting creators through the Net and encouraging discussion and non-hierarchical community building.

SUBMISSIONS deadline for issue 31 is Monday Jan 9, 2004.

READERS! To keep informed of when UNDERGROWTH is available for download email undergrowth@yahoo.com.au and you will receive an email advising you of publication (last week of Jan 2004).

{we live not underground, but in the undergrowth}

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